Best Piper Build in Zenless Zone Zero

Paying the Piper

Zenless Zone Zero has plenty of different characters to add to your party, each bringing their own skills to the table. Piper is just one of the party members you’ll find as you play. Here’s our pick for the best Piper build in Zenless Zone Zero.

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Best Piper Build: Equipment

Best Piper build equipment
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4-Set: Freedom Blues

Freedom Blues will boost Piper’s HP, Attack, Defense, and Anomaly Proficiency. Additionally, Piper will get 30 extra Anomaly Proficiency points for having two discs equipped. For having the full set, enemies will have their Anomaly Buildup Resistance drop by 20% for eight seconds if Piper hits them with an EX Special Attack.

2-Set: Fanged Metal

Equipping Fanged Metal in the remaining slots will boost Piper’s Electric Damage and Defense. Additionally, she’ll get a 10% boost to her Physical Attack for equipping two.

Best Piper: W-Engines

Piper hits hard and focuses on anomaly damage. As such, her best builds will maximize her Anomaly Proficiency and Physical Attack.

  1. Fusion Compiler (S) — Equipping the Fusion Compiler here boosts Piper’s base Attack by 684, and her Penetration Ratio by 24%. The W-Engine effect is Data Flood. This will increase her attack by a further 12%. It will also increase her Anomaly Proficiency by 25 for 8 seconds when landing a Special Attack or EX Special Attack. This effect stacks up to three times.
  2. Rainforest Gourmet (A) — This core will boost Piper’s Base Attack by 594, and her Anomaly Proficiency by 75. The W-Engine Effect, Dinner’s Ready!, will grant her an additional 2.5% boost to her Attack for 10 seconds whenever she consumes 10 energy. This effect boosts up to 10 times.
  3. Weeping Gemini (A) — Weeping Gemini boosts Piper’s Base Attack by 594, and her attack by 25%. Additionally, Piper will gain a 30-point boost to her Anomaly Proficiency whenever a squad member inflicts an Attribute Anomaly. This effect stacks up to 4 times.
  4. Electro Lip Gloss (A) — This core grants a 594-point boost to Piper’s Base Attack and a 75-point boost to her Anomaly Proficiency. Additionally, whenever an enemy is afflicted with an Attribute Anomaly she’ll gain a 10% boost to her Attack and hit the affected enemy 10% harder.
  5. [Magnetic Storm] Alpha (B) — This core boosts Piper’s Base Attack by 475 and her Attack by 20%. Additionally, she’ll gain a 25-point boost to her Anomaly Mastery for 10 seconds after accumulating anomaly buildup.

Of course, Piper isn’t the only character you’ll come across. Why not check out our best builds for Soldier 11, Koleda, or Lycaon?

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