Best Lycaon Build in Zenless Zone Zero

A Stunning Battle Style

During your time in Zenlezz Zone Zero you’ll come across Lycaon. This leather-clad wolfman specializes in ice damage and stunning his enemies. Here’s our pick for the best Lyacon build in Zenless Zone Zero.

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Best Lycaon Build: Equipment

Best Lycaon Build in Zenless Zone Zero
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4-Set: Polar Metal

Equipping Polar Metal in slots 1, 2, 5, and 6 will boost Lycaon’s HP, Defense, and Attack. Equipping two will grant a 10% boost to Lycaon’s Ice Damage, while equipping four will increase the damage of Basic Attack and Dash Attacks by 20%. This increases by a further 20% when a squad member inflicts the Freeze or Shatter status effects.

2-Set: Shockstar Disco

Equipping two Shockstar Disco discs in slots 3 and 4 will boost Lycaon’s Defense and HP, as well as offering a variety of random boosts. Equipping two discs from the set will increase Lycaon’s Anomaly Proficienty by 30.

Best Lycaon Build: W-Engines

Lycaon focuses on ice damage and stunning his foes, so our picks for the best cores are all based on increasing these effects.

  1. The Restrained (S) — This core will increase Lycaon’s Base Attack by 684 and Impact by 18%. Its W-Engine Effect, Binding Chains, increases damage and daze from basic attacks by 6% for eight seconds. This effect stacks up to five times.
  2. Hellfire Gears (S) — Hellfire Gears boosts Lycaon’s Base Attack by 684 and Impact by 18%. While off-field, Lycaon will regenerate 0.6 energy per second. Additionally, His impact damage will increase by 10% for 10 seconds after using an EX Special Attack, stacking up to twice.
  3. Steam Oven (A) — This core boosts Lycaon’s Base Attack by 594 and Energy Regeneration by 50%. Additionally, his Impact will increase by 2% for every 10 energy accumulated, stacking up to eight times.
  4. Precious Fossilized Core (A) — Precious Fossilized Core grants a 594 boost to Base Attack and 15% boost to Impact. Its W-Engine Effect, Behemoth Hunter, inflicts 10% more Daze to a target with above 50% health, and a further 10% when their health is above 75%.
  5. [Vortex] Revolver (B) — This w-engine grants a 475 boost to Base Attack and a 20% boost to Attack. Its w-engine effect, Undercurrent, boosts the Daze inflicted by EX Special Attacks by 10%.

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