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Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Tier List

Bangboos add a whole layer of complexity to ZZZ

Before you descend into Zenless Zone Zero, it’s crucial to assemble the perfect team – and that includes choosing the best Bangboo companions. The game, offering no more than 21 Bangboos to choose from, divides them into three categories: S Star, A Star, and B Star. But that doesn’t cover the whole picture. That’s why this Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo tier list will be your guide to pick the most effective Bangboos for your squad as they can be completely game-changing.

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Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Tier List

Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Tier List
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RankingBangboo Name
SExploreboo, Safety, Resonaboo, Amillion, Bangvolver
ASharkboo, Bulter, Booressure, Boollseye, Plugboo, Rocketboo
BLuckyboo, Avocaboo, Penguinboo, Cryboo, Electroboo, Devilboo
CBagboo, Sumoboo, Magnetiboo, Paperboo

S Tier Bangboos (Top Tier Companions)

These Bangboos offer game-changing benefits. They boost your team’s overall power significantly through stat buffs, debuffs on enemies, or both. Prioritize acquiring and using them whenever possible.

  • Exploreboo: Don’t underestimate the power of a little luck! Exploreboo offers a random buff mechanic, granting your active agent a heal, HP shield, or extra energy at random intervals. However, its main appeal is the powerful 18% HP/ATK/DEF buff it can provide to your whole team. Upgrade it to higher rarities to see that number skyrocket. This generic usage makes it perfect for any team.
  • Safety: Safety is anything but safe as the name suggests. This Bangboo is an all out offensive machine that synergizes with Belobog Heavy Industries characters. If you have one of those characters Safety gets a 40% Chain Damage bonus instead of 20, and this guy can deal Physical damage like a truck(forklift).
  • Resonaboo: Resonaboo is a powerful Ether support Bangboo option. It has a powerful ability that pulls all enemies into a black hole while dealing massive Ether Anomaly damage. Grouping up enemies is a very powerful ability that can come in clutch during tough battles.
  • Amillion: Similar to Safety, Amillion can provide a ton of Physical damage as long as you’re running a Cunning Hares character in your team. This Bangboo uses Machine Guns and Cannons to wipe out enemies.
  • Bangvolver: More of a walking revolver than a Bangboo. Bangvolver carries enormous attack power, HP, and a lot of guns. Bangvolver is a Physical damage Bangboo meant for teams with multiple Physical DPS characters. If you’re going for a pure Physical team, then go with Bangvolver, but do note that there’s a bit of RNG to its primary skill. With its additional ability, you will get a 100% increased Anomaly buildup if two Physical Attribute characters are in your squad. 

A Tier Bangboos (Reliable Sidekicks)

These Bangboos provide consistent and valuable support. While not as impactful as S Tier, they offer substantial stat increases or helpful effects for specific agent types.

  • Sharkboo: Sharkboo provides a hefty damage boost to your Ice Anomaly damage and it also deals high Ice Anomaly damage, making it easier to freeze and clear enemies using Ice Damage characters. It’s the best available Ice Damage Bangboo.
  • Butler: Butler is a utility Bangboo who provides a bunch of Energy Recharge to your team through two different skills. Its final skill is a Physical damage attack that deals some damage, but you’re going to want it for its energy recharge.
  • Booressure: Booressure is another very potent Bangboo in the right hands. Basically, it provides your team with a ton of energy recharge. So if you want to focus other parts of your build on damage, leave energy recharge to Booressure!
  • Boollseye: Boollseye is a Physical DPS Bangboo that will benefit from having a piercing-type damage character on your team. Unlike the other physical damage options, Piercing damage is less specific than a character from a faction, and you still get a similarly powerful single-target burst.
  • Plugboo: Plugboo should be the go-to option for all Electric-type teams. It’s still nothing special utility-wise, but has a massive Electric damage nuke in a wide area.
  • Rocketboo: There isn’t much to say about Rocketboo besides the fact that it’s the strongest Fire damage support Bangboo and its rockets deal a ton of damage.

B Tier Bangboos (Decent Options Till You Get Better Ones)

These Bangboos can be situationally useful. They offer decent support but might require specific agent synergy to shine. 

  • Luckyboo: A universal crit rate buff for your entire team. While not as potent as other options, any increase in crit rate is welcome. It can help bridge the gap while you acquire more powerful Bangboos.
  • Avocaboo: Not as high of an attack but Avocaboo promises a great Healer Bangboo. If you constantly find yourself low on HP in battle, equip Avocaboo, which guarantees up to 15 times healing in combat. If you have support in the squad, then you bag another 30 percent on healing.
  • Cryboo: The weaker version of Rocketboo. Cryboo would be placed much lower on this list if it weren’t for the fact that Fire damage is so strong in Zenless Zone Zero. If you’re running a Fire damage, team, Cryboo is the way to go.
  • Electroboo: Budget Plugboo. Electroboo provides great Electric attribute synergy for all who wish to zap their way through enemies. A chain attack can build up a whopping 60% increase in Anomaly buildup. Pair this with the level 4 ability Billion Volt Thunderbolt dealing huge electric damage and massive electric anomaly buildup.
  • Penguinboo: The budget version of Sharkboo. You’ll need two ice characters in your team to get the full value out of Penguinboo, which is quite restrictive similar to the other elemental Bangboos.
  • Devilboo: For those specializing in Ether damage but without access to Resonaboo, Devilboo is a solid choice. It boosts your Ether agents’ damage and applies high Ether Anomaly damage to enemies, while also providing some aerial support.

C Tier (Sub-Par Companions)

These options are placed low in the ZZZ Bangboo tier list because of their limited or irrelevant utility. Only consider them as temporary companions until you acquire better options.

  • Magnetiboo: Magnetiboo is a pretty standard damage option and could be considered B tier if we felt more generous. High HP and a strong attack with a 30% increase in range and attack with its additional ability and its Magnetic Lock-On pulling in and dealing AOE Physical damage to all in range. However, this is not enough to keep it on your team as the best option.
  • Sumoboo (C Rank): This Bangboo offers a minor damage increase for physical agents. If you lack other physical damage-boosting Bangboos, Sumoboo can be a temporary solution.
  • Paperboo: A straightforward but effective option. Paperboo offers some shields and a burst-type Physical damage output that can be helpful when you’re caught off guard. However, there are better defense increases and better damage-dealing Bangboos out there.
  • Bagboo (D Rank): The weakest link in the chain. Bagboo’s HP increase is negligible, and other Bangboos offer much better benefits for your team.

That concludes our ZZZ Bangboo tier list. Hopefully, it helps you out in creating your first team. As more of them get added, we’ll update our ZZZ Bangboo tier list with the latest information. For more guides, be sure to check out our Zenless Zone Zero Reroll guide and our W-Engine tier list.

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