Zenless Zone Zero Drive Discs – How to Tune, Dismantle, & Get More

Remix your stats

In order to excel in Zenless Zone Zero, you’ll need to take advantage of Drive Discs. These items are used to boost your character’s stats, so working out how to take advantage of the system is key if you want to strengthen your characters. Here’s everything you need to know about Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero.

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How to Get Drive Discs

Drive Discs can be purchased from music stores, such as Bardic Needle. However, you can level up your discs with items such as the Molded Plating Agent or Crystallized Plating Agent. You can obtain these items through a variety of methods, such as purchasing them in convenience stores or dismantling discs.

How to Tune Drive Discs

Disc Tuning in Zenless Zone Zero
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In the music store, you’ll be able to tune your discs. Choosing this option will present you with a hexagon with six slots. Each slot offers a possible boost to a different stat.

  • 1: HP
  • 2: Attack
  • 3: Defense
  • 4: Attack Ratio, HP Ratio, Defense Ratio, Critical Ratio, Critical Damage, Anomaly Proficiency
  • 5: Attack Ratio, HP Ratio, Defense Ratio, Penetration Ratio, Physical Damage Bonus, Fire Damage Bonus, Ice Damage Bonus, Electric Damage Bonus, Ether Damage Bonus
  • 6: Attack Ratio, HP Ratio, Defense Ratio, Anomaly Mastery, Impact Energy Regeneration

Tuning acts as a gacha system that lets you roll for discs. Selecting one of the slots will result in you rolling for applicable discs to fill that slot. You can also select a specific disc (which you’ll see in the lower left) to roll for discs within that set. Leaving these sections empty will instead reward you with a random disc.

Dismantling Drive Discs

In addition to tuning your discs, you can dismantle them into their base components. This is a good way to free up inventory space, as well as get your hands on items that can be used for a variety of purposes, including leveling up other discs.

That’s all for this guide! For more on the game, check out how to reroll in Zenless Zone Zero, plus our tier list. We’ve also got guides on the best Soldier 11 build and how to farm Denny.

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