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How to Claim Pre-Registration Rewards in Zenless Zone Zero

Get ahead of the gacha game with these cool rewards

Zenless Zone Zero is the new action RPG gacha game from the developers behind Genshin Impact. MiHoYo loves bathing gamers in pre-launch goodies, and Zenless Zone Zero is no different. There are two batches of pre-registration rewards ready to be claimed ahead of Zenless Zone Zero’s July 4th release. The first can be claimed by pre-registering the game through the platform of your choice and then checking the in-game mailbox. The second is done through MiHoYo’s special web event. We’ll take you through each of these two ways to claim pre-registration rewards for Zenless Zone Zero.

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Pre-Registration Milestone Rewards

zenless zone zero can be pre-downloaded if you've already registered for the game
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

This batch of rewards was rolled out based on the amount of pre-registrations the game achieved. Because Zenless Zone Zero achieved its goal of 40 million pre-registrations, all six tier rewards will be claimable by players from their in-game mailbox once the game releases on July 4th.

In order to claim these rewards, players must pre-register on the platform they play on.
To pre-register on PS5, you have to wishlist Zenless Zone Zero. Here’s a link to the PlayStation Store’s ZZZ page:

Keen-eyed players will notice that the only version of the game available for pre-order on PlayStation is the $9.99 edition. This paid version is the only version available for pre-registration on Sony platforms, but the game will be free to play after launch. Simply adding this in your wishlist, without purchasing it, should allow you to claim the pre-registration rewards, according to MiHoYo’s post regarding platforms.

The process is more straightforward on other platforms. Just pre-download the game on the ZZZ website for PC, or on the Android, Apple, and Google Play stores below:

After signing in and pre-registering, just check your in-game mailbox to claim the rewards. Note that mailbox contents get deleted after 180 days!

reward tiers for zenless zone zero
Image Source: MiHoYo via Twinfinite

Here is the full list of rewards that you can claim after pre-registering the game and checking your mailbox:

  • Denny x30,000
  • Master Tape x3
  • Boopon x5
  • Master Tape x5
  • Agent Corin x1
  • Master Tape x12

“Stock Up” Pre-Draw Web Event Rewards

web page screen for pre-draw reward game for zenless zone zero
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

The next set of pre-registration rewards are obtainable through the pre-draw web event. To get started, head to the “Stock Up” webpage and log in with an existing account or register as a newcomer. Note that in order to claim these rewards, you must use the same account and ID between the game and website log-in.

This web event requires log-ins across multiple days to acquire all the rewards. You get a chance at a card-flip (one reward) for every day logged into the event page as well as one fragment shard per day, which can be exchanged for items. The event is live from June 28th to July 18th, so act fast!

list of rewards for the pre-draw event
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

Here are all the possible rewards for the “Stock Up” pre-draw web event:

  • A-Rank W-Engine – Slice of Time
  • Boopon (max 3)
  • A-Rank Drive Disc – Woodpecker Electro [2], A-Rank Drive Disc – Shockster Disco [2], A-Rank Drive Disc – Hormone Punk [2]
  • B-Rank Drive Disc – Woodpecker Electro [2], B-Rank Drive Disc – Shockster Disco [2], B-Rank Drive Disc – Hormone Punk [2], B-Rank Drive Disc – Soul Rock [2], B-Rank Drive Disc – Swing Jazz [2], B-Rank Drive Disc
  • Official Investigator Log
  • W-Engine Power Supply
  • Denny x3,000

Those are all the pre-registration rewards and how to claim them for Zenless Zone Zero. Confused about all the technical jargon and lingo? Head over to our explanation of the Drive Disc system as well as everything you could ever want to know about the gacha mechanics and Pity here on Twinfinite.

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