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Zenless Zone Zero Pity System Explained

Has miHoYo improved its Pity system in Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero throws you into the vibrant city of New Eridu, where acquiring powerful Agents is crucial. But with a gacha system in play, you need to understand and utilize the Pity System as your safety net for Agent recruitment. Let’s break down how the Zenless Zone Zero Pity works for both Limited Character Banners and the Star-Studded Cast Banner.

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How Does the Pity System Work in Zenless Zone Zero?

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Limited Character Banners

These banners bring a brand new S-Rank Agent with a significantly boosted drop rate, alongside two A-Rank companions. While other characters can appear, Limited Banners offer the best chance to get your desired S-Rank Agent.

  • Guaranteed S-Rank Every 90 Pulls: This is your safety net. If you haven’t gotten an S-Rank Agent after 90 pulls (wishes), the Pity system guarantees one on your next pull.
  • The 50/50 System for Featured S-Ranks: Here’s a bit of a gamble. Your first S-Rank pull on a Limited Banner has a 50% chance of being the featured Agent. If not, fret not! The next S-Rank you pull on that same banner is guaranteed to be the featured one.
  • Worst-case scenario: While unlikely, the worst-case scenario would be needing 180 pulls to secure the featured S-Rank Agent.
  • Pity Resets After Each S-Rank: Once you snag an S-Rank Agent, the pity counter resets to zero, and the chase begins anew for the next one.
  • A-Rank Guaranteed Every 10 Pulls: Don’t despair if S-Ranks misses your way. The system guarantees an A-Rank Agent (or a different reward) every 10 pulls, upping your team nonetheless.

Star-Studded Cast Banner

This banner features the general pool of characters in the game, encompassing both S-Ranks and A-Ranks. While the drop rates for S-Ranks are lower compared to Limited Banners, it offers a wider selection of Agents.

  • Pity System Mirrors Limited Banners: Here, you’ll find the same mechanics as the Limited Banners. A guaranteed S-Rank every 90 pulls, an A-Rank every 10 pulls, and the Pity counter resets upon acquiring an S-Rank.
  • Bonus! S-Rank Selection After 300 Pulls: This banner offers a unique perk. After accumulating a staggering 300 pulls, regardless of the rarity of Agents you obtained, you can select any S-Rank Agent from the Star-Studded Cast pool!
zenless zone zero signal search pity system for a rank
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

The Pity System works regardless of whether you pull individually or in groups of 10. However, a slight advantage exists with 10-pulls. If you get an S-Rank Agent within a 10-pull, the pity counter resets immediately. This could potentially save you a few pulls compared to single pulls, where the counter resets only after the S-Rank pull itself.

Tips To Get You Started

  • Know your Pull Count: Beneath each banner, you’ll find statistics that display your pull count and let you know how many more summons are required before the next guaranteed S-rank unit.
  • Soft Pity: While not officially confirmed, some speculate a “soft pity” system exists, increasing your chances of pulling an S-Rank Agent after a certain number of pulls (around 75) without one.

By understanding the Pity System and employing these tips, you’ll be well on your way to assembling a formidable Agent team in Zenless Zone Zero!

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