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How to Get Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero

Free gacha spins!

Wondering how to get Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero? The latest gacha game from Mihoyo is finally upon us, and for F2P players that means one thing: finding the best ways to get the premium currency. This time around it’s Polychrome, which functions as your way of getting gacha spins. Here are various ways to earn it!

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Ways to Get Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero

The best way to get Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero is by grinding through Commissions.

This encompasses various playable missions: main story missions, exploration tasks, and combat-focused levels. Each one gives you a base amount of Denny, the basic currency, and a smaller dose of Polychrome. Since these modes all form the crux of Zenless Zone Zero’s gameplay loop, you won’t be short of Polychrome in the first few hours.

On top of that, Polychrome can appear as one of the rewards when you increase your Inter-Knot level. This is the overall account level in ZZZ, which naturally increases when you earn EXP. It’s currently unclear whether you get Polychrome for every level-up, but it’s certainly a good way to get more.

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Alongside that, you can get Polychrome as a reward for completing Compendium challenges. The Compendium menu shows off various folders full of quests to complete, ranging from Basic Material farming quests to completing Notorious Hunt levels. Across many of these objectives, Polychrome can pop up as a reward.

Lastly, you can fork out real-life money to get Polychrome – but in a fairly roundabout way. Rather than directly purchasing it, you use money to buy Monochrome, the paid-for currency in Zenless Zone Zero. You can then exchange this Monochrome if you choose to.

Those are all the best ways to farm Polychrome in Zenless Zone Zero. Using these methods, you’ll never need to fork out real-life cash for more gacha pulls! For more on the game, check out our tier list. We’ve also got guides on how to restore battery charges and how to reroll.

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