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How to Restore Battery Charge in Zenless Zone Zero

Learn how to use and manage your precious battery charge

Zenless Zone Zero is such an engaging game that it’s really difficult to take your hands off it. If you want to maximize the amount of growth material you collect daily, then managing your Battery Charge is a must. This guide will tell you all about Battery Charge in Zenless Zone Zero and how to use and restore it quickly.

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What Is Battery Charge in Zenless Zone Zero?

Battery Charge is the energy system of Zenless Zone Zero. It’s the fuel you need to do the in-game activities. Whether you’re doing story quests or farming for characters and relics, you need a Battery Charge. Without enough Battery Charge, you can’t do any of these activities. Battery Charge is primarily used for three different simulation modes.

Combat Simulation

You can use Battery Charge in Combat Simulations to train your characters. In Combat Simulations, you’ll fight enemies and bosses to earn upgrade materials, promotion materials, and W-Engine modification materials.

Zenless Zone Zero combat simulation mode
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Routine Cleanup 

You can do a Routine Cleanup to make your way towards certain drive discs. There are a total of six Routine Cleanups and each of them offers two different types of Drive Discs.

Zenless Zone Zero routine cleanup mode
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Expert Challenges

You can also do Expert Challenges to improve your combat skills, which require you to master your character rotations as you face various mini-bosses. These challenges allow you to gather materials for skill upgrades.

Zenless Zone Zero Battery Charge expert challenge
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Each training mode requires a specific amount of Battery Charge. So, properly managing Battery Charge can help you quickly progress in the game.

How to Restore Battery Charge

Here’s how you can refill your Battery Charge and keep playing:

Natural Recharge

Battery Charge refills automatically over time, even when you’re not playing. It recharges at a rate of one Battery Charge every six minutes, which means that after every hour, your battery charge refills by ten. Although slow, it doesn’t require effort, and you’re guaranteed a full charge every 24 hours. Make a routine of logging in at the same time daily.

Visit the Coffee Shop

An easy way to get more Battery Charge is to visit the Coffee Shop and buy drinks that refill your Battery Charge. This is cheap because you can use your in-game currency to purchase these drinks. However, you can only do this once every six and a half hours, and it will cost you 2500 Denny.

ZZZ Battery Recharge Barley Latte from coffee shop
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Ether Battery and Polychrome

You can also use Ether Battery and Polychrome to refill your battery charge. Ether Battery is a consumable item that instantly refills 100 Battery Charge. To get the Ether Batteries, you’ll either have to raise your Inter-Knot level or get them through various missions.

Zenless Zone Zero how to restore battery charge via batteries of polychules
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Purchasing Battery Charge 

You can buy Battery Charge from the in-game store. This method is useful in cases where you need a quick refill and can’t wait to try any other methods. However, it is recommended that you consider the other options first.

That’s all for this guide. Since you are here, you might want to take a look at our other guides on Zenless Zone Zero, which include its tier list and codes. We’ve also got a reroll guide and tips on the Godfinger Arcade.

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