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All Godfinger Arcade Mini Games in Zenless Zone Zero

Playing games within the game!

Did you know you can play mini-games within Zenless Zone Zero? If you visit the Godfinger Arcade there are games to play and events to join to earn rewards. Find out about the fun you can have by playing all Godfinger Arcade mini-games in Zenless Zone Zero.

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How to Play Godfinger Arcade Mini-Games in Zenless Zone Zero

If you want to earn extra Polychrome, why not try your hand at beating high scores and completing achievements at the Godfinger Arcade? Players can either kill some time playing Snake Duel or Soul Hounds III, or join in with a PVP event!

Character with blue hair standing outside the Godfinger Arcade in Zenless Zone Zero
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Unlock the arcade during the Interlude Main Commission after receiving a message from Billy about the arcade. He will ask to hang out with you at the Godfinger Arcade. You can then meet him there on the corner of Sixth Street. You will recognize the arcade by the retro graphic-style banner and game posters displayed in the windows.

Snake Duel Mini Game at Godfinger Arcade

Snake Duel gameplay in Zenless Zone Zero
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Snake Duel is a game not unlike the 90s mobile game Snake, in which the player controls a snake as it eats beans around the map. The more beans the snake eats, the bigger it gets. Avoid other snakes and any obstacles by using the directional keys and tapping J for a speed boost. The last snake standing wins!

You can also choose Snake Duel – Clash for a 120-second team game alongside a teammate fighting against two opponents. The longest snake after 120 seconds wins!

Soul Hounds III Mini Game at Godfinger Arcade

Soul Hounds III gameplay in Zenless Zone Zero
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In Soul Hounds III, players must control the Soul Hound who tries to progress lower by digging soul blocks by tapping J. Collect Pomegranates to regain energy to continue digging downwards! Use your directional keys and tap K to jump to avoid being squashed by moving blocks.

You can also choose Sould Hounds III – Group Hunt. In a group of four hounds, the group races to see who will dig down to 150 meters in the shortest amount of time. Health is unlimited but energy is lost faster and the blocks fall quicker too!

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