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Only True Jurassic Park Fans Can Name These Side Characters

Jurassic Park quiz

Only True Jurassic Park Fans Can Name These Side Characters

Hold on to your butts! And welcome… to our Jurassic Park movie quiz.

That’s right, much like we did recently with The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, and Star Wars, it’s time to have some fun trying to identify side characters with just a single picture to go on. After all, who doesn’t like the picture rounds in quizzes? They’re the funnest rounds of all, right?

While the Jurassic Park franchise spans multiple movies, novels, and even an animated series, we thought that we’d focus our attention solely on Steven Spielberg’s 1993 techno-thriller classic. As a result, there may be a handful of dinosaurs thrown in there to test the paleontologists in all of you, as well as a few lesser-known villains and heroes that play a role in the iconic and titular park tucked away on Isla Nublar.

So, without further ado, grab your fossil collection and come join us as we stare intensely at the ripples in a glass of water. Yes, it’s time to journey back to Isla Nublar in Twinfinite’s latest movie quiz. Let’s get into it!

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Only True Jurassic Park Fans Can Name These Side Characters

Let's start with an easy one: What's this dinosaur called?
And this one?
How about this one?
Last one, promise!
Who is this?
What's his name?
What's the name of the park's Game Warden?
What's the name of the chief genetic engineer?
What's the name of the chief computer engineer?
Who is this computer programmer on the right?
Who's the shady character on the left?
What's the name of this lawyer?
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