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Only True Hobbit Fans Can Name These Side Characters

The Hobbit quiz

Only True Hobbit Fans Can Name These Side Characters

While The Hobbit trilogy may not quite have reached the same heights as the beloved Lord of the Rings trilogy which preceded it, there’s no doubt it’s still an engrossing epic. Spectacular scenery, epic battles, and a whole cast of memorable characters allow it to hold a special place in the pantheon of fantasy films, regardless of its shortcomings.

For most, it’s that last element in particular that really keeps The Hobbit above water throughout. The characters and personalities of the film bring to life J.R.R Tolkein’s superb novel on the big screen, and immerse us in the heroic world of Middle Earth once again.

But with only a picture to remind you, can you remember their names off the top of your head when faced with the challenge? With this quiz, we’re putting your Hobbit skills to the test by tasking you with naming the trilogy’s various side characters, from members of Thorin’s Company to the elves who both help and thwart them along the way.

Only True Hobbit Fans Can Name These Side Characters

Who is this Elf?
What about this one?
And this one?
Last Elf, we promise!
Who is this wizard?
Who is this Dwarf?
What about this one?
What is this man's designation?
Who is the young girl on the left?
Who is this man of Lake-town?
Who is this creature?
Name This Trio

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