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Would You Be Able to Survive a Horror Movie? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

horror survival quiz

Would You Be Able to Survive a Horror Movie? Take Our Quiz to Find Out

If the thought of clown dolls in the dark with spiders for eyes doesn’t make you start feeling anxious, then you’re likely familiar with the oh-so-spooky horror genre. However, your fearlessness doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll fare well in this horror survival quiz.

Over the course of 13 questions, we will expertly analyze your knowledge of how to safely evade a vicious killer/bloodthirsty demon and some not-so-personal questions about your preferences. It certainly won’t be anywhere near as painful as a machete through the back.

Answer these questions as honestly as possible to find out how far you would make it through a horror film. Maybe you’ll get killed right away or you might just be the lucky survivor who gets to live with the unforgettable experience of losing everyone you love.

Don’t forget to share your results down below in the comments and on social media. If the horror survival quiz determines that you would die, then maybe one of your friends will make it all the way. And after you finish up this quiz, don’t forget to check out the rest of our fantastic trivia and personality quizzes.

Now get out there and let our all-knowing quiz determine your horror film fate. Good luck out there.

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Would You Be Able To Survive a Horror Movie? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

If a killer is chasing you, where would you go to get away?
If you come face-to-face with the killer/monster, what do you do?
Do you have any enemies in your life?
Which of these colors is your favorite?
Which of these scares you the most?
Which of these foods is your favorite?
How fast can you run?
How adventurous are you?
You're late getting a present for your best friend or partner. What do you do?
Which superstition do you subscribe to?
What is your favorite video game genre listed below?
What kind of phone do you have?
How do you feel about horror movies?
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