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D4DJ Groovy Mix by BanG Dream Publisher Gets New English Trailer Introducing Muni Ohnaruto

D4DJ Muni

D4DJ Groovy Mix by BanG Dream Publisher Gets New English Trailer Introducing Muni Ohnaruto

Bushiroard revealed an English trailer of D4DJ Groovy Mix, and announced that the English and Japanese versions will be separate.

Today Bushiroard revealed one more English trailer of the waifu dj rhythm mobile game D4DJ Groovy Mix.

The trailer mostly focuses on introducing Muni Ohnaruto from the Happy Around! unit, which is one of the characters who appear in the game and other related media.

At the end, we take a look at the whole D4DJ project, which also includes live performances and the anime mentioned above, on top of a quick overview of the rest of the cast.

You can watch the trailer below.

Incidentally, today Bushiroad also announced that the global app will be separate from the Japanese app due to licensing issues for songs and some collaborations. This means that those specific songs and collaborations won’t appear in the English version. That being said, it’ll be possible to transfer one’s account to the Japanese version to the English one, and the developers pledge to keep updates as close as possible to the Japanese ones.

At the moment, we don’t yet have a precise release date of the English version of the game, but we do know that it’ll come in Spring 2021, so the wait shouldn’t be that long.

D4DJ Groovy Mix released in Japan on October 25, 2020 for iOS and Android.

It’s part of a mixed media project by Bushiroad that includes games, anime, and live concerts. You may be familiar with Busiroad mostly due to another rhythm mobile game, BanG Dream!.

If you’d like to see more characters, you can enjoy yesterday’s trailer about Rinku Aimoto.

If you want to see quite a few music videos, you can check out an earlier one performed by Photon Maiden, another by Happy Around, one by Photon Maiden with a cover from The Galaxy Express 999one by Lyrical Lily with a cover from Gakkou Gurashi, and the opening song. The Japanese version of the game also recently received a rather cute collaboration with Monster Hunter.

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