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Tales of Crestoria Getting Cafe Waitress Summon & Anime Short; Celebrates 1 Million Downloads

Tales of Crestoria

Tales of Crestoria Getting Cafe Waitress Summon & Anime Short; Celebrates 1 Million Downloads

Bandai Namco has news to share about its Tales of mobile JRPG Tales of Crestoria, currently available for iOS and Android.

Bandai Namco has news to share about its Tales of mobile JRPG Tales of Crestoria.

First of all, we get a trailer of an anime short by Kamikaze Douga. The final product will last about 15 minutes and provide a look at the main story of the game.

We also learn about future content coming to the game in the form of a new premium summon banner themed after Japanese maid cafes including Rita and Kohaku. It’s available starting today and September 15.

Last, but not least, we learn that the game has achieved one million downloads worldwide, which isn’t bad at all.

You can check out the videos below.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can check out an official description below.

TALES OF CRESTORIA is a brand-new Tales adventure for mobile! Step into this epic anime RPG game set in an original Tales series world, featuring a dramatic storyline and brand new characters! Experience this anime/manga adventure as Kanata and his allies fight to survive through the fantasy world of Crestoria while bearing the weight of their past sins.

TALES OF CRESTORIA blends classic turn-based JRPG gameplay with an original and unforgettable Tales story of morality. Seen as “Transgressors” by fellow citizens for committing crimes to protect each other, Kanata and Misella set off on an epic role-playing adventure to find respite from a world that wants them erased.

Battle enemy pursuers and monsters in the fantasy world of Crestoria through simple yet intense turn-based anime RPG battle action! Combine Kanata and his allies with legendary characters from previous Tales series to form the ultimate team and help you in this anime role-playing quest!

• Experience this epic new Tales anime RPG saga
• Help Kanata and his fellow Transgressors survive the world of Crestoria
• Voice acting from an All-Star Voice Cast help bring this Tales story to life

• Intuitive turn-based RPG controls
• Link epic Mystic Arts to perform massive combo attacks
• Strengthen and upgrade your characters’ skills

• Add newcomers Kanata, Misella, Vicious, and more to the list of memorable Tales characters
• Unlock character episodes through battle to learn about them outside of the main anime RPG story
• Follow characters’ Face Chat conversations that provide short & fun insights on character thoughts

• Create the ultimate Tales dream team with popular characters throughout the Tales series
• Fan favorites such as Cress, Velvet, Luke, and many more are available
• Play Side Story missions with previous Tales characters in the Crestoria world!

• Featuring anime character designs from top artists from previous Tales series
• Stunning anime 3D visuals bring the colorful fantasy world of Crestoria to life
• Smooth character animations add to the epic turn-based anime RPG action

TALES OF CRESTORIA is sure to delight longtime fans of the Tales series and anime/manga games in general. Are you ready to make the choice to do what is right? Download TALES OF CRESTORIA today!

If you want to see more of Tales of Crestoria, you can watch 25 minutes of gameplay, a trailer featuring the hero Kanata, another showing Misella, one showing Vicious, one featuring Aegis Alver, another featuring Yuna, one starring Orwin, the previous trailer, another promotional video, the previous clip, and the extended reveal trailer featuring a collaboration between animation studio Kamikaze Douga, which recently worked on Batman Ninja, and DJ Yasutaka Nakata.

If you lean more toward console games, another game of the series is in development titled “Tales of Arise” for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but it has been recently delayed

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