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Godfall PS5 Gameplay Video Shows New Lore, Weapons, and Combat


Godfall PS5 Gameplay Video Shows New Lore, Weapons, and Combat

A new Godfall gameplay video was revealed during the PlayStation State of Play event. Showcasing PS5 graphics and gameplay, this video features more in depth explanations about the game’s setting, lore, weapons, and its “looter-shooter” combat style.

Watch the video below:

This video also mentions that there will be no micro-transactions at all, stating that all of the game’s planned content will be available for players to experience.

Developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox, Godfall is described as a looter-slasher with high-impact combat and cooperative gameplay.

Recently in the last few months, the Godfall developers have showcased a number of different features and content elements within the game.

Its developers previously released new gameplay trailers during Sony’s “Future of Gaming” PS5 event and the PC Gaming Show 2020 showcasing the game’s combat, weapons, and enemies.

They’ve also released teasers on armor sets like the “Silvermane” and weapons like the “Eclipse” sword players will encounter and be able to equip within the game. Additionally, the game’s PS5 box art design was revealed as well.

While there’s no specific release date, Godfall is set to come out on the PlayStation 5 as a console exclusive and on PC in the Epic Games Store in Holiday 2020.

Be sure to check back on Twinfinite’s website for more updates on the PlayStation State of Play event.

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