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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Reveals Risithea and More With New Screenshots and Videos

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Reveals Risithea and More With New Screenshots and Videos

Today Nintendo and Intelligent Systems revealed plenty of new elements of their upcoming simulation JRPG Fire Emblem: Three Houses via its Twitter Account and the official website.

First of all, we get the introduction of Lisithea, from the House of the Golden Deer.

She is the eldest daughter of the Cordelia family, but she is the youngest among the students who enrolled in the current year, being 15 years old. She is good at magic, and she is basically a child prodigy and a genius. She does have a childish side: she hates being treated like a child and she is afraid of ghosts.

Her voice actress is Yuuki Aoi, who you most likely know for her work as Futaba Sakura in Persona 5, and Yuuki in the Sword Art Online series. She also voices newcomer Menat in Street Fighter V.

We also learn more about the gameplay. Life at the academy will progress in chunks that are one month long. At the end of each, there will be challenges involving actual battles, so it’s important to prepare.

Weekdays are dedicated to educating the students towards their class change exams. On holidays you can interact with the people at the academy, do more studying, or even fight battles. How to spend time in preparation of each exam is up to the player.

One of the roles of the player is to support each student’s growth while identifying their talents. The qualification exams require different skills depending on the target class, and the skills learned are directly linked to the score.

As teachers, we will decide the skills to assign as a target of self-study, but students may change their goals of their own volition.

It’s also possible to provide individual guidance to teach students specific skills, especially those at which they don’t excel on their own. Developing skills at which a student is weak isn’t wasted time, as unexpected talents may appear. Education is a matter of carrot and stick in order to motivate the students.

Lastly, it’s also possible to pair up students to encourage them to learn together.

You can check out the new images below. If you want to see and learn more of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you can enjoy lots of videos and images from yesterday, the screenshots and video showing Eldegardmore for Dimitriassets for Claudescreenshot and video showing Jeralt, and even more starring Rea.

We also have the introduction of Sothis, a look at the main hero and heroine Beres and Beret (or Byleth as they’re named in English)the introduction of Hubertthe reveal of Doudo,  the introduction of Manuelathat of Dorotheathe reveal of Felix, the assets introducing Hildamore showcasing Hanneman, the reveal of Ferdinandeven more showing Mercedesmore assets focusing on Raphael, the first look at Bernadetta, on top of the introduction of Ash, and that of a pair of shady villains.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will release on July 26 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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