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PS4 Exclusive Azur Lane: Crosswave Reveals its Theme Song and Sountrack

Azur Lane: Crosswave

PS4 Exclusive Azur Lane: Crosswave Reveals its Theme Song and Sountrack

Today Compile Heart updated the official site of its upcoming action JRPG Azur Lane Azur Lane: Crosswave, providing an introduction to the game’s soundtrack.

First of all, we get to hear ten seconds of the theme song, performed by Saori Hayami (who voices Shimakaze in the game). The title is “Jiyuu no Akatsuki,” which translates into “Dawn of Freedom.” You can listen here by pressing the play button.

Several background music tracks have also been revealed. Some of them are composed by Compile Heart’s own Kenji Kaneko, while the rest are by Yuuki Sugiura of Studio Eden. Those include four themes for the game’s factions, the Sakura Empire, the Royal Navy, Ironblood, and the Eagle Union.

You can listen to them here, pressing the play button.

If you want to see more of the game, you can also check out the latest screenshots and gameplay details, the latest trailer, some more screenshots showing newcomers Suruga and Shimakaze, and the trailer that revealed them. More assets include the reveal of Downes, additional screenshots introducing Kongou and Mikasa, an older gallery of images and the first trailer.

Azur Lane: Crosswave will launch on the Japanese shelves on August 29 exclusively for PS4. At the moment no release has been announced either for North America or Europe.

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