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The Division Wiki Guide – Tips, How to, Tricks, and More

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The Division Wiki Guide – Tips, How to, Tricks, and More

Tom Clancy’s The Division is Ubisoft’s latest hybrid game, combining RPG, third-person shooter, and MMO elements all in one. Players take control of their online avatar in an open world that’s been ravaged by a mysterious disease. It’s up to you as an agent to find the source of this virus. The post-apocalyptic NYC wasteland is your playground as you fight to survive and scavenge for loot. There’s even a PvP arena called the Dark Zone where players can loot valuable items and weapons… should they survive in there.

“Tom Clancy’s The Division is a ground-breaking RPG experience that brings the genre into a modern military setting for the first time. In the wake of a devastating pandemic that sweeps through New York City, basic services fail one by one, and without access to food or water, the city quickly descends into chaos. As an agent of The Division, you’ll specialize, modify, and level up your gear, weapons, and skills to take back New York on your own terms.”

  • Release Date: Mar. 5, 2016
  • Developer: Massive
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: Third-Person Shooter, RPG
  • Review

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