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The Division: How to Switch Weapons (Main and Sidearm)

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The Division: How to Switch Weapons (Main and Sidearm)

When you’re out of ammo for both your primary and secondary weapons, you may need to use your sidearm. Here’s how to switch to your sidearm in The Division.

This is a super simple thing to do, but it does seem to be glanced over a bit in the tutorial for the game. To switch to your side arm, you’re going to double press your change weapon button. This is Triangle on PS4, and Y on Xbox One. By double-tapping the button you should see the little weapon selection window pop up above your Agent’s head and switch over to the pistol.

You’re now free to pull off epic headshot with your sidearm. Your sidearm can actually come in pretty handy too. In some missions during the game you may find you have to shoot something once, or you may just find yourself completely out of ammo. Rather than wasting those precious bullets for your main or secondary weapons, switch to your sidearm and use it to deal out the damage. Your sidearm has an infinite amount of ammo so you don’t have to worry about running out.

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