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The Division: How to Change Dark Zone Brackets

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The Division: How to Change Dark Zone Brackets

Moving on up!

The Division pays a lot of attention to an Agent’s level and rank. Many of the activities and challenges are locked to you if you don’t meet the specified requirements. One of the aspects of the game that is especially strict on this is the Dark Zone.

In order to keep things fair in this PvP area, players are placed into brackets. These brackets are determined by your level, since your level dictates the type of gear you can obtain. The only direction to move in these brackets is upwards. So, in order to change your bracket, you simply need to level up.

If you want to go to a lower Dark Zone bracket, however, you will need to create another agent. As stated before, fairness is one of the primary focuses, and having a level 30 agent running with someone weaker just isn’t right. DPS, health, and charge rates are drastically different, so separation is a must.

Perhaps in the future, Ubisoft will allow different level players to play together for certain activities within the Dark Zone. For now, though, the only way to move is up.

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