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The Division: How to Enter and Leave the Dark Zone

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The Division: How to Enter and Leave the Dark Zone

Enter if you dare, leave if you must.

The Dark Zone is the PvP area of the Division. This place located in the middle of the map houses powerful, named enemies, treacherous human players, and some of the best loot in the game. Of course, since it’s so dangerous, it isn’t just open like the rest of the world, you have to enter by your own free will.

If you look at your map you will see Purple Targets, these denote ways to hop right into the Dark Zone, either by jumping over a wall, or sneaking into a door. There are also Purple Doors that will also allow you to enter the Dark Zone. Keep in mind that the further North you go, the more difficult the challenge and the enemies will be.

dark zone

Getting out of the Dark Zone is done using the same purple locations on your map. One thing to note, though, is that if you’re Rogue, you can’t leave until the time expires or you’re killed. So there is no quick escape for the wicked.

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