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The Division Has All The Features We Wanted in Destiny


The Division Has All The Features We Wanted in Destiny

Please. No more RNG.

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There’s Tons of Side Content

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Because The Division is a Ubisoft game, you can expect tons of collectibles just waiting to be picked up in Manhattan. But this isn’t the only form of side content available. When you pull up your map in The Division, you’ll see a bunch of markers around the city. Some are main missions, but most of them are optional missions and encounters that you can engage in. These come in the form of tracking down missing agents, defending supply caches from enemies, and rescuing hostages.

While Destiny did give players some side content in the form of public events on the various planets, they were only available periodically. Besides, you couldn’t predict where these events would occur without the help of a web tracker. The Division handles its side content much more efficiently, giving you all the information you need if you wish to attempt them.

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