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The Division Has an In-Game Ubisoft Office Full of Easter Eggs

The Division, Ubisoft, e3 2016

The Division Has an In-Game Ubisoft Office Full of Easter Eggs

They’re making a game inside of your game.

The Division houses one seriously cool Easter Egg tucked away for players with a high level and a keen eye to uncover.

If you head over to E. 43rd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue, you’ll locate a Safe House called The Firewall. It’s located in the Turtle Bay are which houses Level 27-28 enemies, meaning this isn’t exactly an easy place to get to if you’re starting off. But, if you’re really adamant about seeing it with your own eyes, move slowly and use cover as you make your way to the location pictured below.

easter egg

If you just can’t hack it and need to see what’s housed in this mysterious Safe House we put together a nifty gallery just for your viewing:

Tucked away in the basement is a Ubisoft Studio hard at work on video games. There is a ton of Grow Home art decorating the room, and even a huge wall poster of For Honor. There are even some notice boards with notes, although they are very difficult to see.

While there isn’t actually a Ubisoft studio located in New York City, it’s pretty cool that the company put itself in the middle of the tragedy that serves as the background of The Division. Now that’s dedication.

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