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The Division: How to Fast Travel

The Division, how to, fast travel

The Division: How to Fast Travel

No time to waste!

The Division’s recreation of Manhattan is a sprawling metropolis just waiting for players to explore it. With tons of little side missions, loot, and more to grab, exploration is key if you want to get the most out of the game. However, sometimes you may just want to get to a mission’s start point, the Dark Zone entrance, or just return back to your base of operations to upgrade a wing of your base or pick up some new loot.

In these instances, sprinting your way through the streets of Manhattan can be a little too time consuming. Gangs of enemies litter the streets, which can slow down your progress and even lead to unwelcome deaths. Even without this resistance, running from point A to point B can sometimes take a while due to the huge scale of the world.

This is where fast travelling comes in handy. Wherever you are in The Division’s world, simply load up your map, hover your cursor over the location that you want to go and hit Square on PS4 or the X button on Xbox One to select the location. Confirm your choice to fast travel and the game will send your character speedily on their way to your destination without the chance of confrontation.

As we said though, while fast traveling is useful for instances where you need to get to a destination quickly, using it all the time would mean you’d miss out experiencing a lot of what The Division has to offer. Gear up, get some buddies together, and go exploring Manhattan.

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