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The Division: How to Get High-End Weapons

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The Division: How to Get High-End Weapons

Dark Zone Drops

The Dark Zone is a seriously dangerous area. Split into a number of different player level brackets, each zone contains a large amount of AI enemies out to get you. Add into the mix other players who can either be your allies or go rogue and take you down for your loot and the Dark Zone is a treacherous place to go in unprepared.

Although it’s dangerous, the rewards are certainly worthwhile. As you take down the AI enemies in the Dark Zone, you’ll notice that they’ll be dropping some seriously neat items more frequently. If you’re lucky enough an enemy may just drop a High-End weapon. It’s up to you to then secure the loot and safely extract it, but be cautious of other players who may try and take it from you as you wait for the extraction chopper to come in.

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