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The Division: How to Heal Yourself and Your Team

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The Division: How to Heal Yourself and Your Team

Stayin’ alive.

The streets of Manhattan are filled with enemies waiting to take down you and your teammates at the blink of an eye. Luckily, you’ve got enough weapons and armor on your side to give you the upper hand, especially when you’re completing missions in a team.

There may be some times though that the enemy gets the better of you. Whether they managed to drop a grenade right by your feet without you noticing, or you popped your head out of cover at the wrong time, you’re gonna need healing at some point. Luckily, there are ways to heal yourself and others in the middle of battle to keep you from having to respawn.

Firstly are the medkits. These things will replenish your health over time once they’ve been consumed. Medkits are set to the right button on your D-pad by default. When you see the orange bars of your health depleting, simply give the button a press and your health should jump up by a big chunk. Simple!

Next up is the First Aid skill under the Medical category. This can be unlocked once you’ve activated the Medical wing in your Base of Operations. To unlock the First Aid skill, simply upgrade the Medical wing with the Clinic option. Each upgrade you make to the wings of your Base of Operations will open up more skills, talents and perks for you to use in battle.

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Once you’ve unlocked the skill, simply equip it to either L1/LB or R1/RB. When you or your team mates are in need of some healing in the middle of battle, this will now replenish the health and all around you within a small radius.

Stay safe out there agents and don’t forget to heal!

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