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The Division: How to Get Dark Zone Keys

dark zone keys

The Division: How to Get Dark Zone Keys

Unlock all the chests.

The Dark Zone is the PvP area of The Division. Here, there are powerful AI forces, the unpredictable human element of other players, and some top-notch loot waiting to be claimed. While some of the loot can be purchased from the Dark Zone vendors, the rest of it has to be found.

You’ll notice chests scattered about the Dark Zone, and these come in several different types. There’s the basic ones that usually carry nothing worth writing home about, family decent ones that only unlock if you reach a certain Dark Zone rank, and those that require Dark Zone Keys for their really good loot.

As you’ve probably guessed, Dark Zone Keys aren’t just handed out like candy. All Dark Zone Keys can only be obtained in the Dark Zone, so you won’t be able to farm them in the safety of the outside world. There are three ways to get these highly coveted items in the The Division.

1. Kill Named Enemies

The Dark Zone houses some of the strongest AI enemies. Some of these individuals are named, letting you know that they’re unique and designed to be extra tough. More often than not, they are guarding a key for you to obtain. Grab your friends and charge in to take them down. It won’t be easy, but it could be much more beneficial than the second method.

2. Kill a Player Who Has One

Killing a player who happens to have some keys will net you one. This of course means going Rogue and painting a target on your back. Opening fire on a player will just make others want to take you down and reap the added rewards, so be mindful and make sure you definitely have a clean kill as well as an escape plan. Just remember, karma always comes back around.

3. Uplay Reward

You can also purchase a Dark Zone keys through Club Ubisoft. It’s a one time deal, but you’ll net three keys.

Once you’ve got yourself a Dark Zone Key, haul ass to a chest to get your loot and then get it extracted.

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