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The Division: How to Upgrade Your Filter Level


The Division: How to Upgrade Your Filter Level

Don’t breathe in the bad air.

While playing The Division you’ll come across many Contamination Zones that are full of infected air. Obviously, you can’t just breathe this air in, it’s deadly. The zones are locked off to those who don’t have an air filter.

Now, all players get one of these useful items very early in the game. But, as you get further into The Division, Contamination zones will require a certain level filter if you want to head in for some gear. To upgrade it you’ll need to invest in the medical wing of your Base of Operations.

There are three specific upgrades that you will need in order to get a max level filter:

  • Virus Lab – 500 Supplies
  • Hazmat Unit – 400 Supplies (needs Virus Lab)
  • Pharmacy – 200 Supplies

Each of these upgrades will grant you the Protective Measures Perk. The perk raises your filter level by one, so all three will grant you one that is level four, letting you get to anywhere you need to be.

For more guides, tips, tricks, and information on The Division, be sure to check out our wiki.

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