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The Division: How to Unlock Skills

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The Division: How to Unlock Skills

Got skills?

Unlike most RPGs, The Division doesn’t grant new players skills by just leveling up. Instead, you’ll have to put in work and help out the ailing city if you want to add new abilities to your repertoire. That means getting out there and getting your hands dirty.

Early on in the game you’ll establish a home base. This location can be upgraded to suit your needs and is directly tied to the skills that you unlock. There are three wings for you to build up:

  • Security
  • Medical
  • Tech

Building up each wing will unlock its associated abilities, which you can then equip. Keep in mind that each wing provides a different type of focus. Security will focus on defense and XP gains, Medical on healing, and Tech on crafting and other things of that nature.

This doesn’t mean that XP is useless, though. Gear is still level locked, and so are missions. So don’t stop helping those in need.

For more guides, tips, tricks, and information on The Division, be sure to check out our wiki.

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