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The Division: How to Throw Grenades

The Division

The Division: How to Throw Grenades

Tick tick, boom!

At a number of different times during The Division, your assault rifles and sub machine guns just aren’t going to be enough to take down large groups of enemies, or just a heavily armored one. Luckily, your grenades are right by your side to give you some explosive damage when you need it. Here’s how to throw grenades and make sure you do so effectively.

Your grenades are automatically assigned to left on your D-pad, meaning you won’t have issues trying to select them in the midst of battle. Simply hit the button, and you’ll see an orange line appear on your screen showing the trajectory of your throwable explosive. Simply move your right stick to adjust the trajectory and set it so the grenade will land at the feet of your target or targets.

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With any luck, your enemies won’t move all that much and will be in for a world of pain when your grenade goes off. Alternatively, one of the abilities you start off with is the Sticky Bomb. You can assign this to either L1/LB or R1/RB. Hold down the button you assign it to and then take aim. The sticky bomb will stick to most surfaces and explodes when you detonate it remotely.

Whatever surface you’re aiming at will show up in orange when you’re guaranteed to hit it. Simply let go of the button you assigned it to and watch it fly. Then, tap the button again to detonate the stick bomb. These can be particularly useful for taking out chunks of an enemy’s armor, or getting an enemy hiding behind cover.

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