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The Division: How to Get a Hazmat Suit

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The Division: How to Get a Hazmat Suit

Redeem your sweet, sweet rewards!

The Division has finally released and many players are wondering how they can access their Hazmat Gear. The Hazmat Gear was a preorder bonus at participating retailers and was also available for anyone who preordered the game on the Xbox or PlayStation stores.

First off, make sure that the Hazmat Gear DLC is installed on your system. It may seem obvious but sometimes preloading or redeeming codes doesn’t always go to plan and you have to go and manually set the download going. Once you’ve made sure of this, boot up the game and jump into the action.

There is only one qualifier in order for you to get your Hazmat suit and all of the other goodies that come as part of this preorder bonus. If you haven’t started the game yet, jump in and complete the opening few missions. You’ll have to keep playing until you gain access to your Base of Operations.

In here, you’ll find a Rewards Claim Vendor. You can find him in the corridor between the medical and security wings. Head over to him and hit the Square button on PS4, X on Xbox One, or F on PC. You should now see all of the items that come as part of the Hazmat Gear pack listed under the ‘Receive’ tab. Simply confirm you want to take the items from the vendor and voila! You should find them in your inventory.

If you get to the Rewards Claim Vendor and find that he doesn’t have anything to give you, this may be due to some technical issues that Ubisoft has said it is aware of and attempting to resolve. Just hold on tight and hopefully you’ll be able to get your Hazmat suit soon.

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