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The Division: How to Get Encounters and Side Missions

The Division

The Division: How to Get Encounters and Side Missions

Nothing wrong with side activities.

The Division’s huge open-world is filled to the brim with activities. Whether you’re completing the main story missions, taking other players on in the Dark Zone, or just searching for loot crates in the huge city of Manhattan. However, the map can get a lot more full if you visit a couple of locations dotted around the map that fill it with encounters and side missions.

These encounter missions will task you with a variety of activities such as gathering hostages, securing a stronghold or a supply drop, or even gathering virus data and uploading it to name a few. What all of these do have in common though is that, as the name suggests, you’re gonna encounter a group of enemies who are trying to stop you from completing your objectives.

Side missions are the other distraction from the main story of the game and these tend to focus more on helping the JTF in their overall objective. There are some odd instances where you may have to neutralize a murder suspect or search for missing people too.

In order to get these side missions and encounter missions showing on your map, you’ll need to visit one of the bases littered around the map. Your Base of Operations has both a Situations Board and a desk to pick up the Side Missions. Simply head over to the Situations Board and hold down Square on PS4 or X on Xbox One. Give it a few seconds and your map will start pinging away with a number of new missions for you to take on. Do the same thing at the desk just next to the Situations Board and the same thing will happen with all of the side missions, too.

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You’re now ready to take on every mission and objective that The Division has to throw at you. Keep an eye out for these boards and desks throughout your journey through Manhattan, as these will continue to populate your map with more objectives to complete.

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