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This Illuminating Hogwarts Legacy Spell Has Already Been Cast More Than 100 Billion Times

Hogwarts Legacy Official Launch Trailer
Image Source: Screenshot via Hogwarts Legacy YouTube Channel

This Illuminating Hogwarts Legacy Spell Has Already Been Cast More Than 100 Billion Times

A player’s go-to spell set.

Now that Hogwarts Legacy has been out for a considerable time, the community manager of Avalanche Software, Chandler Wood, has revealed the stats of one of the most popular spells in the game. The ability in question is none other than Revelio, which was cast 100 billion times in the first month of its release due to its functionality of showcasing an object’s exact location.

Considering Hogwarts Legacy’s numerous hidden items, like the Field Guide Pages and Collection Chests, it may come as no surprise to see a high volume of usage for this particular spell, especially since it can help get you one step closer to full completion.

Many fans have created memes and parodies utilizing the spell on various social media platforms, demonstrating the pressures of missing out on valuable treasures and secret rooms in Hogwarts Legacy. These instances could explain why players performed Revelio frequently, which seemingly grows in number daily.

Wood has hinted at other stats in the Twitter post, where fans have expressed their inquiries about Avada Kedavra and the rest of the Unforgivable curses. On top of that, some wonder about the general gameplay performances, from the number of cats petted to the capacity of members in the four beloved houses.

It’s also interesting to note the difference in spells between Hogwarts Legacy and the Harry Potter series since Stupefy was the most used ability with 38 occasions in the original, according to Reddit user shishanbushina. While Revelio doesn’t offer any value in battle, Stupefy is on the offensive side with its stunning qualities and acts as a shield in the game; therefore, we could see if this particular spell takes the reigns once new statistics are provided.

The numbers could change soon, specifically with the launches on consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo. Only time will tell which spell will be at the top of the charts, and it could potentially change to the deadly Killing Curse as more players unleash the forbidden Dark Arts.

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