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When is Warzone 2 Season Three? Season Two End Date, Content & Leaks

Warzone 2 characters on Ashika Island

When is Warzone 2 Season Three? Season Two End Date, Content & Leaks

Season Three will Rank highly.

Any Warzone 2 fan knows that the BR’s most significant updates come with the inception of new in-game seasons. That looks set to be the case once again with the battle royale sequel’s third season of post-launch content. But when will Warzone 2 Season Three drop and what content do we expect when it does? 

Season Two Reloaded – the mid-season update bridging the gap between Season Two and Season Three – dropped on March 15. It brought sweeping weapon changes, the new Tempus Torrent marksman rifle and long-awaited changes to armor. As a result, the field has narrowed on changes that can come with Season Three. But first – when is it chalked to release?

Warzone 2 Season Three Expected Release Date

Right now, there’s not a confirmed release date for Warzone 2 Season 3. There probably won’t be until much closer to the season’s release itself. However, we can use past seasons and the in-game Battle Pass timer to calculate roughly when the next major content update will come.

Typical Warzone seasons last a couple of months and, right now, the Season Two Battle Pass expires on Tuesday 11 April 2023. We therefore expect Season Three to go live on that date, or on Wednesday 12 April 2023. 

Warzone 2 Season Two Battle Pass
Activision via Twinfinite

It goes without saying that’s unconfirmed and will remain as such until the BR’s devs break their silence and reveal an official start date. Season Two, for example, was delayed by a fortnight to give the devs more time to refine their update. 

Warzone 2 Season Three Content & Leaks

Typically, we don’t hear much about upcoming content until much closer to a season’s start time. Season Three is slightly different though, with the devs already revealing some of what players can expect. 

Specifically, we know that Warzone 2 Season Three will include the following content and modes: 

There’s also bound to be the typical new content in the form of skins, weapons and a Battle Pass, but there’s nothing confirmed in this regard for now. 

We’ll keep updating this page as and when more information becomes available, but that’s all we know about Warzone 2 Season Three for now. 

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