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Can You Save the Hacketts in The Quarry? Answered

The Hackett family

Can You Save the Hacketts in The Quarry? Answered

See if you can save the Hackett’s in The Quarry.

While playing The Quarry, you may be on a mission to kill the members of the Hackett family, especially after all the incidents they’ve caused. But is it possible to save the Hacketts? Find out to see if it can be done and learn about one of the game’s secret endings.

Can You Save the Hacketts in The Quarry?

Although Kaylee Hackett’s death is inevitable, you can save the rest of the family. If you accomplish this, you will get to view an all-new ending for The Quarry. Unfortunately, you will need to sacrifice the lives of the camp counselors to achieve this conclusion. Those still interested can discover how to save this eerie family.

How to Save the Hacketts

The famous Hackett family includes Constance, Jedidiah, Bobby, Travis, Chris, and Caleb. We’ll explain what actions you need to take to save each member.

Constance Hackett

In Chapter 9, Laura fights over a shotgun with Constance Hackett. The first thing you need to do is fail the Quick Time Event. If Laura succeeds, she will shoot off Constance’s head. Be sure not to hurt the other Hackett family members along the way; your main objective is to not advance in any attacks against them.

Battling with Constance Hackett

Jedidiah Hackett

Further down the line, Jedidiah confronts Laura and points a gun toward her. After completing the QTE, you have to choose the ‘Run’ option. If you don’t, she will kill the head of the Hackett household.

Jedidiah Hackett and Laura

Bobby Hackett & Travis Hackett

After Ryan gets stabbed by Bobby Hackett, you must pull the knife out. This weapon can be used to kill Bobby later on, so if you want to save him, you’ll have to do this. As for Travis, the only thing you need to do is not choose any decision that mortally wounds him.

Ryan in The Quarry

Chris Hackett

As mentioned before, you’ll need to kill a few playable characters if you want this achievement. So the first tough decision you must make is to deny Laura’s request to bite Ryan. Choosing the latter will result in the unavoidable deaths of the Hackett family.

The next choice is to shoot Laura instead of Chris once she becomes a werewolf. Ryan will, sadly, also die alongside her.

Christ Hackett from The Quarry

Caleb Hackett

When Caleb Hackett pursues Dylan and Kaitlyn in his werewolf form, you must choose the option ‘Run’ twice. Additionally, you can’t shoot him when he chases after them. This event causes Kaitlyn to get infected and the death of Dylan, but at least this isn’t the worst ending. Some players have said that Dylan can survive if you escape and fail the QTE, but Kaitlyn will still be infected.

Dylan and Kaitlyn in The Quarry

Now that you know that the Hacketts in The Quarry can be saved, you can test your skills to see if you can pull it off. Need more help with the game? You can explore our multiple guides, such as how to get all the story’s endings. Be sure to also check out the relevant links below.

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