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The Quarry: How to Get the Bad Ending & Kill All Counsellors

The Quarry How to Get the Bad Ending & Kill All Counsellors

The Quarry: How to Get the Bad Ending & Kill All Counsellors

Death comes to us all.

When it comes to the games put out by Supermassive Games, most players are aware of how one decision can have a ripple effect later on in the game, potentially saving or killing a character as the narrative progresses. Perhaps there are characters you do not care for, or you just prefer to see mayhem rule the day, and in The Quarry, you will have plenty of opportunities to enact your chaos. If you are wondering about how to get the bad ending and kill all the counsellors at Hackett’s Quarry, we have got you covered in this guide.

Killing All Counsellors in The Quarry

Each of the characters can meet their doom in a variety of ways, and sometimes, the preparations for their demise will take several chapters before everything falls into place. As a rule, when it comes to dialogue choices, choose to be mean, antagonistic, or lie when it is obvious that the other person knows the truth, which ensures that tensions rise and nerves get frayed.

If you want the clearest path to a bloody night, here are the specific chapters in which you can kill the counsellors at the earliest point in the story.

Chapter 4


The Quarry Jacob

Shortly after the start of this chapter, players will take control of Ryan at the campfire. With everyone on edge, there will be some noises in the bushes, and Ryan will have the option to shoot. Aim and fire both times into the bushes. Instead of some animal or monster, this will kill Jacob and leave him in a bloody mess.


The Quarry Emma

As for Emma, once you have control of her on the island, choose either the ground path or take the staircase. Either way, you will reach a treehouse, where there will be a trapdoor and some bags. Despite the terrifying noises, choose to open the trapdoor first, and she will be ripped to shreds by the monster trapped above.

Chapter 6


The Quarry Abigail

When in the poolhouse after rescuing Nick from the water, the conversation between the would-be lovers will take a turn for the worse, and Nick will throw Abigail against the wall as he gets more infected. Now, armed with the shotgun, do not shoot at Nick and let him attack, and Abigail will meet her demise here.

Chapter 7


Make sure you follow these decisions to set up the deaths of both Laura and Ryan later on. Once control of Laura is yours in the police station, do not roam around and go back to bed immediately, and choose to go to sleep. The next day, Laura will fake an injury to lure Travis into the cell, where the opportunity to grab his gun arises. Do it, but fail the QTE to shoot him, and this will leave Travis wounded in the cell but not dead, and seeking revenge.

Chapter 8


The Quarry Nick

Once you head towards Hackett’s house and fall into the mines, you will eventually come to an area lit in red as Laura and Ryan. Here, you will find a trapped Nick in the cage, and Laura will aim her shotgun at the monster. Do not interrupt her, and Nick will be shot dead.

Chapter 8


The Quarry Dylan

At the Scrapyard, Dylan will get up into the crane to attempt to find the right car part. However, a monster will attack and you will need to make the following choices. First, warn Kaitlyn, and then choose to sound the horn to scare off the monster. However, fail the QTE, and the monster will break the windshield and kill Dylan.

Chapter 9


The Quarry Ryan

We are almost through all of the counsellors, and now it is Ryan’s turn. Together with Laura, you will find a chained up monster in the attic before falling through the floor. The monster will then attack, with Ryan grabbing the shotgun. Choose to shoot the monster, but Travis will stab Laura and then attack Ryan. Choose the Aggressive option and then fail the QTE. This will see Ryan’s face get blown off by the shotgun.


The Quarry Laura

Just before Ryan dies, Travis will get back at Laura for leaving him in the cell for dead, and stab her to death once Ryan shoots the monster. If somehow you made the decision not to leave Travis for dead, the pair will work together in Chapter 10, where there is one more chance to kill Laura by having her not kill the creature during the final scene. Travis will then kill Laura.

Chapter 10


The Quarry Max

With the monster killed by Ryan, this lifts the curse for Max, who now finds himself on the island alone. Walk towards the end of the island and a decision will have to be made: either you stay on the island or attempt to swim to shore. Pick the latter option, and Max will reach the shore on the other side. Here, a monster will immediately attack and bite him in the neck, killing Max.


The Quarry Kaitlyn

The last one standing, it is time for Kaitlyn to meet her end. In the lodge, when the monster attacks, choose to Wait and not run for the first choice, and do not shoot at the monster. This will give the creature the opportunity to grab Kaitlyn and smash her to the floor several times, before eating her up.

That is all there is to it on how to get the bad ending and kill all the counsellors in The Quarry. Do note that the Hacketts do not all have to die, and following this walkthrough will keep some of them alive. Now that you have successfully caused the bloodiest night in Hackett’s Quarry, perhaps you would want to give the opposite a try. Trying to keep all the counsellors alive can be challenging, but it is not impossible if you take note of certain things. For other useful help, be sure to check out the rest of the guides for The Quarry, or search Twinfinite for more interesting things to check out in gaming.

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