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How to Save Ryan in The Quarry

How to Save Ryan in The Quarry

How to Save Ryan in The Quarry

Keep Ryan alive throughout the events of The Quarry!

There is always one brooding individual that catches the eye in every horror film or game, and in The Quarry, that happens to be Justice Smith’s Ryan. He might have been voted hottest at camp by the campers and the counsellors, but even that prestigious title doesn’t save him from being mauled to death by the horrors at Hackett’s Quarry. If you’re searching for the best way to save Ryan in The Quarry, read on.

How to Save Ryan in The Quarry

Similar to many of the other characters in The Quarry, survival is a matter of several decisions and choices made during the entire story. We will guide you through the actions needed to keep Ryan safe.

Chapter 9


Perhaps the developers knew that Ryan was going to be a beloved character, and chose not to put him in danger until late in the game. Here, with Ryan and Laura being captured by the Hacketts, Ryan will get stabbed by one of the Hunters. However, resist the urge to pull out the knife.

The Quarry Ryan Knife

Now, interact with either the bed or the wardrobe once you have control again, and pass the Hold Your Breath event. Continue your escape and succeed in another Hold Your Breath event, before you stumble outside. While the Hunter may look threatening, Laura will come to your rescue.

Unfortunately, Ryan is at risk of bleeding out, and the only solution here is to let Laura bite him and spread the infection. This will keep Ryan safe for the time being as his wounds heal.

The Quarry Ryan


Eventually, the pair will find a monster chained up in the attic. The floor gives way, and mayhem ensues. Once you have the choice to shoot either the monster on the left or the right, pump the one on the left with silver and both Ryan’s and Laura’s curses will be lifted. All that’s left is to eliminate Silas, and safety is guaranteed.

The Quarry Ryan Monster

That is all the important bits you’ll need to know about how to save Ryan in The Quarry. Do check out our other relevant content about The Quarry below, or read other helpful guides like how to save Max from death, finding all the evidence, or how many chapters there are in The Quarry. For everything else, search Twinfinite.

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