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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Celebrates Japanese Release With $66 in Day One DLC

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Celebrates Japanese Release With $66 in Day One DLC

Today Sega released Yakuza: Like a Dragon in Japan for PlayStation 4. Since it’s day one, it’s time to talk about day one DLC.

Today Sega released Ryu Ga Gotoku 7: Whereabouts of Lights and Darkness (known as Yakuza: Like a Dragon in the west) in Japan. Since it’s day one, it’s time to talk about day one DLC.

Earlier last night they revealed the free DLC but there are plenty more packages all released today that let players show additional love to the game with their wallets.

First of all, we get two additional jobs that were shown in action a while ago. The first is a heavy metal warrior named “Devil” limited to male characters.

The job lets you attack enemies primarily with your helectric guitars, but you can also use chainsaws and more. One of its powers lets you bit enemies to drink their blood and recover HP.

The second job is “Anego,” which literally means older sister. It’s the respectful way Yakuza call the boss’ wife, especially when she takes charge while her husband is absent or in jail. If course, only girls can use it.

It’s an attack-focused job that lets you wield a naginata and has plenty of powerful damage dealing moves involving thigs like machine guns. That being said you can also heal your allies’ abnormal statuses.

Each job costs 500 yen on its own, and you can get both for 680 yen.

For 500 yen you can also get costumes from past games of the series. Another package (still for 500 yen) gives you the head piece of the mascot Ono Michio-kun alongside a few accessories.

Four packages priced at 800 yen each include Karaoke songs and background music for the Survivor Bar coming from past games of the series. You can get all four in a package for 2,480 yen.

Three packages let you collect more employees for the company that Ichiban Kasuga has to run, including old friends and hostesses from previous games. Two of them cost 500 yen, and one 200 yen. Even here we get a bundle including all three for 980 yen.

Lastly, we get a bunch of quasi-cheat package that let you pay to boost your progression and equipment.

Three packs including crafting materials cost 500, 300, and 100 yen respectively, while a booster for Ichiban’s Human Power skills costs 300 yen.

Three packages that can boost the level of your jobs cost 300, 300, and 200 yen respectively. Lastly, a pack of consumables to use in battle costs 100 yen.

This means that if you want all the DLC excluding the cheat packages, you’re looking at a 5,140 yen bill (plus taxes). That’s approximately $47.

If you also want the cheat packages on top of it all, the total pricetag on top of the game will be 7,240 yen plus taxes, which translates in roughly $66.

To be fair, the game looks like it has a metric ton of content out of the box, so you’ll likely have plenty to enjoy even if you completely ignore the DLC.

You can check out a few screenshots showing what you’re gonna get below.

If you’d like to see more about Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you can check out a bunch of commercials from earlier this morning, the latest trailer, the previous promotional video, some gameplay from a few days ago, more gameplay showing all the jobs, some focusing on minigames, a batch of screenshots introducing the men of the Seiryukai, more showing the Omi Union crew, a few female characters that will help Ichiban Kasuga, a look at some inevitable product placement, one the at battle mechanics, another showing enemies and summons, one focusing on making money at the beginning of the game, one showcasing more advanced money-making activities, another on the new town Isezaki Ijincho, one on the Human Power stats, one on the Dragon Kart minigame, one showcasing the Bleach Japan organization, one featuring the Sujimon feature, one showcasing the return of old heroes, another focusing on how they will be summonable in battle, one showing fresh faces, and one focusing on photo mode and more.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon will launch in Japan on January 16, 2020, exclusively for PS4. It’ll also come west later next year, and a demo is already available on the Japanese PSN.

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