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Shenmue III Gets Lots of New Details and Images on Minigames, Combat, Economy, and More

Shenmue III

Shenmue III Gets Lots of New Details and Images on Minigames, Combat, Economy, and More

Today Shenmue III Director Yu Suzuki was at Reboot Develop 2019 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and hosted a panel to share more information about his upcoming game.

Necrosoft Games Director Brandon Sheffield was so kind to provide a handy slide-by-slide recap on Twitter.

You can check it out below. Suzuki-san shared information on the world and on creating a feeling of presence, and on the soundtrack. Interesting, we learn how he aimed to achieve a feeling of “similarity” as opposed to realism. While the game’s world isn’t the real China, it still feels like the idea of it.

He also talked more about the economy and how systems are connected to it. We get to see the prize exchange system available in Baidu village: you can spend the tokens earned while gambling and playing minigames here.

You earn tokens, you use them at the prize exchange, and you can sell prizes you don’t want at the pawn shop. You can buy skill books or get them through the exchange.

We also hear about the availability of battle difficulty modes that also influence the complexity of the controls. You can practice in the dojo against a wooden mannequin, spar against human opponents, and compete in matches. As increasing your level in the dojo helps you to clear fights in the story, you can alternate between practice and story. Yet, this isn’t final just yet.

Minigames include gacha, the UFO catcher, and a punching game, with an emphasis on mechanical games. Yey, there still are some electronic games. Those let you win tokens as well.

The recently-revealed forklift is even slower than the original, but it’s better integrated with the game’s storytelling and critical path.

Suzuki-san concluded by mentioning that the gameplay style has changed from the old games, as it did from the first one to its sequel. Yet, he believes that original fans will really like it, and Shenmue III will still feel like Shenmue.

If you want to see more about the game, you can also enjoy the latest trailer which finally showed a glimpse of combat, a batch of screenshots, even more recent screenshots, additional images from a few days before and a recent video showcasing the making of the English voice acting.

We’re just a few months away from the massively-anticipated release of Shenmue III, which semi-recently closed its crowdfunding campaign at a whopping $7,179,510.

Shenmue III will finally launch for PS4 and PC on Aug. 27, 2019.

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