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Granblue Fantasy’s New Year Event Is Pretty Crazy and Full of Free Goodies

Granblue Fantasy Christmas

Granblue Fantasy’s New Year Event Is Pretty Crazy and Full of Free Goodies

The Holidays are the best time of the year for those who enjoy playing mobile games on the cheap or even without spending a dime, and Granblue Fantasy isn’t an exception to that rule.

Today Cygames launched the New Year event, and since New Year is the biggest holiday of the year in Japan, you can always expect something rather substantial.

Gachapin’s daily roulette makes a comeback, allowing you to get between ten and a hundred free gacha draws a day until Jan. 5. If that isn’t enough, this time around we get a caveat in the form of Gachapin mode. One of the fields of the roulette activates the mode, and when that happens you can use the gacha as many times as needed (up to 300 times) to draw an SSR result.

On top of that, there is a gauge that fills up every time you get between ten and thirty results in the roulette. When it’s completely full, you can activate Gachapin mode manually.

On top of this enormous amount of free draws for the next two weeks, we also get to enjoy plenty of additional goodies like sliced energy costs and experience bonuses. Basically, it’s pretty crazy.

Granblue Fantasy is currently available only in Japan for iOS, Android, and PC, but it’s fully localized in English. If you’re wondering what in the world it is and why it matters for console gamers, you can read my article from a few days ago.

If you’re interested in Granblue Fantasy Relink for PS4, you can read the latest details and watch a new trailer, new screenshots, and new gameplay.

If you prefer fighting games, you can check out some more info about Granblue Fantasy Versus on top of the first trailer and some lovely screenshots.

While both upcoming games have been announced only for PS4, we also learned that their Director is interested in working on Steam.


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