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Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee Guide Wiki

Pokemon is easily one of the most iconic video game series out there right now, especially following its resurgence with the release of 2016’s mobile title, Pokemon GO. That’s why Nintendo has doubled down on the more casual formula, releasing Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee on the Nintendo Switch.

Making use of the motion controls, the two adventures take players back to the original Kanto region, tasking them with filling out their Pokedex, and of course, being the very best no one ever was. While wild battles are no longer a thing here, in favor of opting for the more casual catching system introduced in the mobile title, GO, there’s still plenty for hardcore fans to enjoy here. To give you a helping hand digesting all of the new features, and refamiliarizing yourself with staple series mechanics, we’ve created this  guide wiki to answer all of your questions.

Please be aware that this guide wiki is a work-in-progress that we’re continuing to update as we play through the game. Be sure to check back soon for more tips, tricks, and guides.
  • Release Date: Nov. 16, 2018
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Publisher: The Pokemon Company & Nintendo
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch

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