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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get Past the Ghost in Pokemon Tower


Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get Past the Ghost in Pokemon Tower

How to Get Past the Ghost in Pokemon Tower in Pokemon Let’s Go

  • Enter the Pokemon Tower and view the cutscene on the second floor.
  • Go back to the Pokemon Center and then head outside to see Jesse, James, and Meowth.
  • Follow them to Celadon City and sneak into the Rocket Hideout.
  • Get the Silph Scope and go back to Lavender Town.

Lavender Town is filled with spooky ghosts roaming the tall tower filled with graves. During your first visit in Pokemon Let’s Go, you’ll find that a strange spirit will block your way to the top. If you’re still stumped, here’s how to get past the ghost in Pokemon Tower.

How to Get to Lavender Town

To get to Lavender Town, you’ll need to have to beat the gym leader first in Vermillion City. After defeating Lt. Surge, you’ll stumble across Misty right outside the gym near the Item Shop. She’ll lead you over to Diglett Cave, which will take you right outside of Route 2. From there, you’ll come across Oak’s assistant, who will teach you the special technique called Light Up.

You will then meet your rival outside, who will take you to the path leading to the Rock Tunnel. Once you make your way through the winding cave, you’ll find yourself in the spookiest town in Pokemon Let’s Go.

How to Get Past the Ghost

Upon arriving, you’ll see your rival head inside the tower and chase a Cubone. Make sure you have your ‘mons all healed up because he’ll force you to battle him inside. Once that’s done, you can head up the tower while making sure to avoid all of the other spirits chasing you.

Upon reaching a certain floor a huge ghost will block your path. There’s no way to get past it for now, so go back to the Pokemon Center. Heal up your ‘mons and head out to find Jesse, James, and Meowth planning a cunning scheme.

Follow them to Celadon City by taking the west path out of Lavender Town in Pokemon Let’s Go. Upon arriving at the city, look for the Rocket Game Corner next to a small lake. Inside, you’ll overhear James and Jesse talking about their hidden base and how to get inside.

Look for a Rocket Grunt blocking a poster and fight him to gain access to their secret entrance in Pokemon Let’s Go. Make your way through the Team Rocket base until you come across their boss. After besting him in battle, he’ll reward you with the Silph Scope, which you can use to identify and catch all of the ghosts in the tower at Lavender Town.

Moreover, you can use the Silph Scope to uncover the large ghost waiting near the top of the tower in Pokemon Let’s Go. After clearing the tower in Lavender Town, you can get a special flute and use that to move Snorlax off the bridge.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get past the ghost in Pokemon Tower. For more tips and tricks on Pokemon Let’s Go, be sure to check out our expansive wiki.

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