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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get Lapras


Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get Lapras

How to Get Lapras in Pokemon Let’s Go

As you explore Pokemon Let’s Go’s updated version of the Kanto region, you’ll be doing all you can to catch them all. However, not all are as easy to get as others. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Lapras in Pokemon Let’s Go.

While some Pokemon can only be added to your Pokedex by trading with another players, some need to be caught the one time you encounter them, but others are simply given to you.

Lapras is an example of the latter. It is simply given to you by one of the NPCs in the world, like the three Gen 1 starters are in the early hours of the game. Finding the NPC in question, however, is not so simple.

This is surprising because Lapras is actually one of the most useful Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go. It has high HP and can learn Water and Ice Type moves, which makes it a menace in battle, especially when facing the Elite 4.

We all remember the struggles of battling Lorelei’s Lapras when we first visited Kanto in the late 90s. Here’s how to get Lapras in Pokemon Let’s Go.

As you’re following the story of Pokemon Let’s Go, defeating all the Gym Leaders and collecting the badges they give out, you’ll reach Saffron City. Here, you’ll need to battle through the Silph Co building, quashing all of the Team Rocket grunts in your way. The building is full of teleportation devices and many of the rooms you need to enter are locked.

To get when you need to go, you first need to head up to the fifth floor or the building. Your friendly rival will be there once you reach the floor and you’ll have to beat a couple of TR Grunts again.

Defeating them will see you be given the Keycard that opens all the locked doors in the building.

Now, head up to the seventh floor. You’ll see a man sitting down in a room in front of the reception area. Simply get to him, press A to start a conversation and he’ll give you Lapras.

You will then be able to add it to your party, level it up, and take advantage of its Ice and Water moves. Ice in particular is very effective against Dragon Pokemon, make it a great choice for going up against Lance and the Elite 4.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Lapras in Pokemon Let’s Go. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our Pokemon Let’s Go wiki guide.

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