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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Level Pokemon Fast


Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Level Pokemon Fast

How to Level Pokemon Fast in Pokemon Let’s Go

  • Battle Trainers
  • Catching Pokemon
  • Catch the same ‘mon over and over for bonus multipliers
  • Catch ‘mon with blue or red auras for a bonus
  • Aim for Nice, Great, and Excellent throws

Pokemon Let’s Go brings players back into the world of Kanto on a brand new adventure. This updated remake keeps things fresh with new features and functions, including a different way to catch Pokemon. Random encounters are but a thing of the past here, so some trainers might have a bit of trouble leveling their ‘mons. If your team’s a bit unleveled, here’s how to level Pokemon fast in Pokemon Let’s Go.

This Nintendo Switch spin-off mixes things up by completely removing wild encounters but instead lets players interact with the actual ‘mons on the map. You won’t have to dread crawling through grass when you don’t have a Repel on hand. The trade-off here is that you can’t grind your levels by battling wild monsters.

Luckily, there are a few different ways to level your team fast in Pokemon Let’s Go. The first method being by battling actual trainers. During your journey, you’ll still stumble across random NPCs who will force your into battle if you cross their path. Taking out their team will grant your ‘mons some much-needed EXP, and even those who didn’t participate in the battle will still receive experience points.

Another thing you can do to level up your team fast is by simply catching wild ‘mons. Whenever you manage to successfully capture a wild ‘mon, your whole team will earn some EXP. In fact, catching monsters is actually the best way to level up fast in the game.

You can earn additional EXP to help you level up fast by getting Nice, Great, and Excellent throws when catching these wild creatures, too, so be sure to keep that in mind, and combine with our other tips below to max out the experience you’re earning.

Moreover, you’ll also earn more EXP if you catch the same monster multiple times in a row. This gives you a reason to chase down those pesky Rattata or Caterpie early on in Pokemon Let’s Go. If you also see a glowing red or blue aura around a certain ‘mon, you can get extra experience points when you catch them. These special monsters give you a size bonus, which can help level up your team much faster.

If you have too many ‘mons in your inventory, simply send them over to Oak by hovering over the ‘mon you don’t want and press X. Choose the option to give the monster over to Oak, who you will reward you with stat-boosting candy that you can give to your team.

That’s about everything you need to know about how to level Pokemon fast in the game. For more tips and tricks on Pokemon Let’s Go, be sure to take a look at our expansive wiki.

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