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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get Bottle Caps & What They Do


Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Get Bottle Caps & What They Do

How to Get Bottle Caps and What They Do in Pokemon Let’s Go

So you want to be the master of Pokemon? Do you have the skills to be number one? Well, skills are good and all, but every so often, even good trainers need a boost. That’s where Bottle Caps come in. Here’s how to get Bottle Caps in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Now, you’re probably staring at this article in confusion. Before you hurt yourself (in confusion), no, you didn’t accidentally click on a Fallout 76 guide. Bottle Caps are in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee!, and they are crucial for trainers who want to max out their Pokemon’s stats.

We can’t get into how these items strengthen Pokemon without going over how to obtain these caps. Well, obtain some of them, anyway. Bottle Caps come in two flavors: Gold and regular. Currently, you can liken Gold Bottle Caps to Mew, and not because an Internet rumor states they’re under the truck near the S.S. Anne. Even though the Gold ones are in the game data, players can’t legitimately obtain them yet.

As for the regular ones, they’re easy to find but hard to obtain. And, coincidentally, they’re near the S.S. Anne. Sort of.

Longtime Pokemon fans who who visit the Vermilion City docks might recognize a familiar face: Mina from Pokemon Sun and Moon. She’s on vacation in Kanto, but she’s always ready for a battle.

What does Mina have to do with these items? If you defeat her team of level 54+ Fairy-type Pokemon (one of which is an Alolan Ninetails), she will give you a Bottle Cap. Plus, you can fight Mina once per day, and each time she’s defeated, she hands out another one to you.

Here’s the bad news: as of writing this guide, Mina is the only NPC we’ve discovered who gives out Bottle Caps. In other words, you can only get one cap every 24 hours.

So, now that you know how to farm Bottle Caps, you probably want to know what they’re for. If you played Pokemon Sun and Moon, you probably know the answer, but if not, I’ve got two words for you: Hyper Training. If you own a shiny or legendary Pokemon with bad stats, Hyper Training can fix that problem. For more on the subject, we’ve got you covered here.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Bottle Caps in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. For more tips, tricks, and information for your return trip to Kanto, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Pokemon: Let’s Go guide wiki. We will update this article as we discover new sources of Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps.

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