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Pokemon Let’s Go: What the Install Size Is


Pokemon Let’s Go: What the Install Size Is

What the Install Size Is in Pokemon Let’s Go

It’s a fantastic time to be a Nintendo fan, because Pokemon Let’s Go is here and you can play on the go or on the big screen. Here’s what the install size is for Pokemon Let’s Go on the Nintendo Switch.

With Pokemon Let’s Go now available on Nintendo’s handheld hybrid, you may be considering downloading it on your system, rather than picking up the physical copy. This is especially true for players wanting to avoid swapping cartridges and for general convenience.

Pokemon Let’s Go will take up roughly 4472.18 MB of memory, or 4.47GB. This isn’t massive or anything, but if you’ve gone mostly digital, you may want to consider purchasing a micro SD card with extra storage. That is, if you haven’t already done so.

Keep in mind, this install size is just for the digital download version. The physical cartridges don’t need to be installed and thus don’t need any additional storage space on your Switch in order to be played. At least, nothing massive that you’re really going to notice, anyway.

There may be an update in the future that requires some additional memory, but that would impact both the physical or digital versions, either way. If you’re looking to save the most storage space on your Nintendo Switch, you might want to just go with a physical version of Pokemon Let’s Go.

You can also check the download size of any game before you purchase it on the Nintendo eShop.

  • Open up the eShop
  • Find and click on the title
  • Then scroll down to ‘Software Details’

You’ll see a ‘Required Space’ section that will tell you the install size. This way, you can clear memory ahead of time to make sure you’ll have enough.

The Nintendo Switch has 32GB of onboard memory and a little less after system installs. Compared to its contemporaries, the Nintendo Switch has very little memory to work with.

However, since most games aren’t that large, it won’t impact you too much unless you’re downloading every single game you get.

And that’s all you need to know about what the install size is of Pokemon Let’s Go. If you need help with other parts of Pokemon Let’s Go, be sure to check our Pokemon Let’s Go guide wiki. Also, don’t forget to drop a comment below if you have any questions and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can.

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