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Pokemon Let’s Go: Can You EV Train in Pokemon Let’s Go


Pokemon Let’s Go: Can You EV Train in Pokemon Let’s Go

Can You EV Train in Pokemon Let’s Go?

To the casual player, EV training may just sound like the kind of thing you do with an Eevee. To experienced PokeProfessors, though, it’s a crucial element that dictates Pokemon’s specialties. Here’s what you need to know about whether you can EV Train in Pokemon Let’s Go.

In previous titles, fighting certain Pokemon or participating in Super Training would yield EVs that would give particular stats a boost. It was a fairly grueling process to complete, but the rewards were too great to ignore.

For this reason, you may be delighted or disappointed to know that EV training is not present in Pokemon Let’s Go; however, you can still give your critters’ stats a boost.

EVs are now dictated by candy. You receive candy when catching Pokemon, with consecutive combos awarding greater hauls. Sending excess Pokemon to Professor Oak will yield even more candy; just don’t try to overthink the implications of that.

You can find Health Candy (HP), Mighty Candy (Attack), Tough Candy (Defense), Smart Candy (Special Attack), Courage Candy (Special Defense) and Quick Candy (Speed) that will raise the relevant stat by 1 point when enough have been eaten.

Just as it was with classic EV training, Pokemon that excel in a particular area will dish out that kind of candy, so it’s best to plan out a particular farming area if you want to focus on one stat.

Rarely, you will receive a species-specific candy that can only be consumed by the named Pokemon. It will raise all stats, instead of just one.

Candies come in three sizes, with L candies usable by Pokemon at level 30 or higher, and XL candies appropriate only for beasts of level 60 or above. As you would expect, larger candies give larger boosts.

Once you have mastered the fine art of candy collecting, your Pokemon will become the finely tuned instruments of death you’ve always desired. Let the resplendent sound of “Pika pi” be the last they ever hear.

For more sinister tips, tricks and guides, you’ll want to swing on over to our extensive Pokemon Let’s Go wiki! It’s got everything you need from the basics to the most elite tactics, and it’s sweeter than a whole bag of Courage Candy. So what are you waiting for? Let’s Go!

…That was funnier in my head, to be honest.

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