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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Pair Poke Ball Plus


Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Pair Poke Ball Plus

How to Pair Poke Ball Plus in Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let’s Go lets you use the special Poke Ball Plus as a controller to catch ‘mons and even control your character. Before you can use it, however, you need to pair it to your system. If you’re having trouble doing it, here’s how to pair your Poke Ball Plus to your Nintendo Switch system.

Pairing the Poke Ball Plus is actually incredibly simple once you know how to do it:

  • Dock your Nintendo Switch and bring out the USB cable.
  • From there, connect the game accessory to your console via the cable.
  • There are ports behind the Switch dock where you will find the USB cable slot along with the charger and HDMI slots.

Once that’s done, load up Pokemon Let’s Go and press on the button on the Poke Ball Plus when the game asks you to confirm which controller you’re using. Your game accessory should now be paired with your Nintendo Switch, and you can use it as a secondary Joy-Con.

What the Poke Ball Plus Does

This special accessory is sold separately from Pokemon Let’s Go or is bundled together with the game if you bought the special edition. The Poke Ball Plus certainly isn’t cheap, setting players back at around $50. That said, here’s everything you need to know about it if you plan on buying one.

If you’re a Pokemon aficionado, the main selling point for this accessory is that it comes with the mythical ‘mon, Mew. Buying this ball is the only way to get your hands on Mew unless you want to transfer it from your Pokemon GO account.

Mew aside, you can also use your accessory as a controller in Pokemon Let’s Go. You can use it to control your character, look through menus, and catch ‘mons – pretty much anything a normal Joy-Con can do.

Not only that, but you can transfer one of your ‘mons from the game into your ball and take them by walking around. The ‘mon inside will earn candy and XP, and you can shake the accessory to hear a unique sound. If you’re an avid GO player, you can link your device with your mobile game and use it to catch ‘mons as well.

That’s everything you need to know about how to pair your Poke Ball Plus to your Nintendo Switch. For more tips and tricks on Pokemon Let’s Go, be sure to check out our expansive wiki filled with more useful guides.

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