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Pokemon GO: How to Get Mew

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Pokemon GO: How to Get Mew


Pokemon GO has been recently updated with new quests that allow you to complete objectives to get some special rewards. A Mythical Discovery is the first big event in Pokemon GO, that once all 8 stages of objectives are complete, will allow you the chance to capture the legendary Pokemon Mew.

If you look at your research quests via the Pokemon GO application, you will see two options: Field and Special quests – the special quests is what we will be looking at in order to get to Mew. All eight steps of the event aren’t too difficult to complete, but it will take you some time to finish them all. The first step asks that you spin 4 Pokestops, catch 10 Pokemon, and transfer 5 Pokemon. As you progress through each step, you’ll find that the quests will get significantly more challenging, but like we said before, not impossible. Once you get to step eight of eight, Professor Willow will give you the chance to capture Mew, but don’t worry, this Mew will have a zero percent flee rate, so capturing shouldn’t be too hard to manage.

That’s all you need to know about catching Mew in Pokemon GO! If you’re looking for more tips and tricks when it comes to Pokemon GO, make sure to check out our ever-growing wiki guide that will surely help you on your Pokemon catching journey.

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