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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Evolve Pokemon


Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Evolve Pokemon

How to Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go

Catching pocket monsters isn’t the only way to update your Pokedex. Some ‘mon can actually transform into stronger forms through a process called evolution. Here’s how to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go.

There are over 100 different types of ‘mon to collect in Pokemon Let’s Go, with most of them lurking out and about in the wild. However, there are certain creatures that are locked behind evolution, meaning you won’t be able to catch them in Kanto.

Evolving ‘mon is a pretty simple process, although there are several ways to do it. Not all ‘mon transform the same way nor do all of them actually evolve. There are some monsters with only one particular form, such as Farfetch’d and Chansey. Moreover, most ‘mon can only have two evolutions, with Eevee being the only exception in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Evolution Through Leveling

Once you manage to catch ‘mon, you can train them by catching other Pokemon or battling other trainers. As they grow stronger, they will level up and gain better stats. That said, most ‘mon usually change when they reach a certain level.

Creatures like Rattata and Voltorb will transform into Raticate and Electrode respectively after enough training. Meanwhile, other ‘mon like Caterpie and Pidgey have two evolutions. They will only transform into their third form after they have evolved into the second form.

Evolution Through Stones

The other way to evolve your creatures in Pokemon Let’s Go is by using evolutionary stones. Here are all of the available stones in the game:

  • Moon Stone
  • Fire Stone
  • Ice Stone
  • Thunder Stone
  • Lead Stone
  • Water Stone

Pokemon who transform through stones can be evolved at any level, provided you have the right material. Growlithes can only evolve using the Fire Stone, Pikachu only evolves using the Thunder Stone, while Clefairy and Jigglypuff only transform when using the Moon Stone. If you’re low on these items, you can buy most of them at the Celadon City shopping mall.

Evolution Through Trading

Finally, the last way to change certain ‘mon in Pokemon Let’s Go is by trading them. Creatures like Graveler and Kadabra will only turn into their final forms if you exchange them with another player.

The process will start as soon as they have your ‘mon. Needless to say, but you’ll want to trade these Pokemon with your friend so you can get it back after evolution.

That’s everything you need to know about how to evolve Pokemon in the Let’s Go games. For more tips and tricks on Pokemon Let’s Go, be sure to take a look at our expansive wiki.

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